How to Pick The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Locating a good hardwood floor vacuum to clean your floor in a heartbeat can be a lengthy process, more-so if you’re trying to get the best price/quality ratio.

Because of the special characteristics of hardwood, you always have to pay extra care, especially when you’re in the market for a brand new vacuum. These types of floors can scratch easily and are not always easy to clean.

Not Every Vacuum Qualifies!

Not every vacuum can be up to the task of properly cleaning hardwood. Here are a few of the most useful tips that experts would recommend when it comes to choosing a machine that can take good care of these surfaces:

  • Try to find one that either has no cleaning brush or provides an on/off switch you can use to turn the cleaning brush off. Most brushes can scatter the dirt rather than help pick it up, and some may even scratch your floor.
  • Some debris can easily stick to hardwood, and you may have a hard time getting it to budge. As such, strong suction power is always a prerequisite when selecting a good cleaner.
  • For ease of use, consider a lightweight stick vacuum that can help you take care of small messes as quickly as possible.
  • Sweep and mop functions are ideal for cleaning wood floors. Try to find a machine with a good wet function that can easily clean your floor after vacuuming.
  • Canister vacuums with long hoses and attachments can also handle most tasks quite well, especially since a lot of dirt and dust can build up underneath your furniture.
  • When emptying a vacuum cleaner, you have to be extra careful so the dust doesn’t spread out across your floors again. Even though bagged models may require replacement bags that can be costly, they can also prevent this issue far better than bagless ones.

Prices and Reviews

Of course, the task of finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors is still not too easy in practice, even if you’ve already located a few interesting candidates; placing your money on the line will only be justified if you can be sure that the machine in question will do its job right.

A lower price will often depend on the number and importance of the functions and features. Usually, the fewer functions it has, the lower the price. So, to get better value for your money, it may be best to make a list of the aspects that are completely essential for hardwood flooring – such as cheap bags, a wet function and long extensions – and avoid units with other fancy features.

Stick vacuum cleaners from BISSELL and Hoover usually behave very well on wood floors, and they are also quite cheap. Another good option would be a good canister machine from a trusted manufacturer such as Eureka or Miele.

Regardless of your choice, hunting for the perfect hardwood floor cleaner will usually go a lot more smoothly as long as you keep in mind the basic guidelines and principles outlined above.